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This topic only applies to the cloud solution.

The Appstream Windows Client application combines the zero footprint solution of Enterprise Studio Online with a small local client installation. By using the Windows Client users have some benefits over Enterprise Studio Online like support for multiple monitors and using keyboard shortcuts during streaming sessions. It also allows users to copy and paste text, views and files between the application and their local device, for example to Word or PowerPoint. They will also be able to use their local printers.

To be able to use the Windows Client application, a one-time request needs to be submitted to the BiZZdesign service desk for enabling use of the Windows Client. After that users need to download and install the Windows Client, and enable this in the HoriZZon Portal.

Please take note that the Windows Client is only available for Windows.

Although direct copying and pasting is possible between Enterprise Studio Online and local Microsoft Office applications, keep in mind that you are still working in a hosted environment, meaning that the following limitation still applies:

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Installing the Windows Client

Once BiZZdesign has enabled the Windows Client application for your organization, you can install the application.

  1. Go to the site, and download the Windows Client.

  2. Install the application on your computer. Follow the installation wizard. It is recommended to keep the default settings. When after finishing the wizard the following page appears, close it. Do not enter a web address.

Enabling use of the Windows Client

As a user of Enterprise Studio Online you need to enable use of the Windows Client before it can be used for Enterprise Studio Online.

  1. Sign in to HoriZZon, and go to your user manage page.

  2. On the user manage page, select Use Windows Client, and click Apply to save the changes.

If you want to disable the Windows Client again and return to running Enterprise Studio Online in a web browser, clear the Use Windows Client check box, and save the changes.

You can immediately start a session of Enterprise Studio Online using the Windows Client.

Starting an Enterprise Studio Online session using the Windows Client

  1. In HoriZZon, click Enterprise Studio Online in the toolbar.

  2. A pop-up window appears asking you if you want to use the Appstream app. They way this window looks may vary per web browser. Confirm the question to continue. Examples:

An Enterprise Studio Online session is started in the AppStream window. You can now work with Enterprise Studio Online like you are used to.

Windows Client application not installed

If you have not installed the Windows Client application and try to start Enterprise Studio Online (after enabling use of the Windows Client application), a message will appear saying that the Windows Client is not installed (left figure below). Please take note that this message will not appear when using the Mozilla Firefox web browser. In this case, Enterprise Studio will just not start, only the text of the Enterprise Studio Online link in the toolbar will turn blue (right figure below).

Windows Client features

Running Enterprise Studio Online using the Windows Client instead of running it in the web browsers offers various benefits.

Use of multiple monitors

Windows Client supports use of multiple monitors (if available). Use of multiple monitors can be enabled via . Make sure that your second screen is active, otherwise the options for switching between single monitor and multiple monitors will not be available in the menu.

Access to local printers

Windows Client supports printing directly to local printers. To print content, do as follows:

  1. In the Backstage view, go to Print > Print, and select the DCV Printer in the Print window.

  2. Once the print command has been given, a notification will be available. In the remote session toolbar, click  to open the Notification Window, and click Print it to send the output to your local printer, or click Download it to download the output as PDF.

Direct copy/paste to local Microsoft Office applications

Windows Client supports directly copying and pasting views to locally installed Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

Access to local content

You can easily get access to locally stored content.

  • In the remote session toolbar, got to  >  Local Resources >  Local Drives and Folders to share your own drives.

The shared folder or drive will be available in Enterprise Studio Online, so you can directly save model packages, export reports, etc. to your local drives.