The connection between Enterprise Studio and a storage place (Horizzon) allows the use of an HTTP proxy server. If you are using a proxy server, it will automatically be detected when adding a storage place, and used for the connection between Enterprise Studio and the storage place. However, if automatic detection does not work (for example due to security reasons), you can manually specify the proxy settings.

Required roles

Designer or Lead Designer

Please consult your system administrator for more information and the proxy setting details.


  1. On the File tab, click Options.

  2. In the Enterprise Studio Options window, click the Storage Places tab.

  3. Manually add a new storage place, or change an existing one.

  4. In the storage place wizard, click Proxy settings.

  5. In the Storage Place Proxy Settings window, specify the proxy settings.

    Proxy location: Enter a connection string to the forward proxy consisting of a protocol, server and, optional, port number. For example: http://myproxy:80/.

    Authentication: Enter the authentication method you want to use for authentication for the proxy connection. Selecting an authentication will eliminate one round-trip interaction during the connection set-up with the proxy server. Common authentications are Basic, Digest, DigestIE, Negotiate, NTLM, and NTLMWB. Not all proxy servers allow all methods of authentication.

    For proxies that use Windows-based HTTP schemes for authentication, it is recommended using the "Negotiate" method. This will allow your system to use the strongest and most secure available protocol. If this option does not work for you, then use a single HTTP scheme that your proxy supports (e.g. NTLM, Kerberos). If you use one of these types, do not specify a username or password, otherwise the authentication type specified will not be used.

    If you do not set an authentication (leave the box blank), the most safe authentication method supported by the proxy server, will be used.

    Proxy user
    , Proxy password: If a login is required, type the username and password for authorization at the proxy server. The password is stored with strong encryption.

  6. When you are ready, click OK.

  7. In the wizard, click Next, and then Finish to complete the wizard.

Removing proxy settings

To remove the proxy settings of a storage place, just open the proxy settings window and clear all data. Close the window and finish the wizard.