Enterprise Studio offers a range of standard analysis and reporting functions. Many of these retrieve model data, process it, and present the results in various output formats, like color views, label views, tables, or browsing trees.

When more elaborate or very specific custom analyses are required, Bizzdesign query scripting will provide the necessary tools to create advanced queries on your models and present the results in a way that exactly meets your requirements.

The Query tool is the built-in script editor and debugger and features a comprehensive reference of the scripting language, including many script examples. The Bizzdesign Scripting Reference is intended for users who have experience with scripting.
To access the Bizzdesign Scripting Reference from Enterprise Studio, click the button at the bottom of the script editor window.

Opening the Query Tool

To open the Query Tool, do as follows:

  • On the Advanced tab, in the Script group, click Query Tool, or press Ctrl+Q. The script editor appears in which you can start scripting.

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