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Required roles

Designer or Lead Designer

Property fields from document definitions and their associated values that have been entered in HoriZZon, are also available in Enterprise Studio, in the model package in which the document definitions have been defined. This allows you to use your self-defined information in Enterprise Studio, for example when generating color views, in charts, or for other analysis goals. The data cannot be used for export.

The external properties and their values are available in the Properties window of the objects for which the document definition has been created. They are read-only. Once an object  is selected in the model browser or in the view, the external properties with their values will be available. They are available for the duration of a session, so as long as the model package is open, after closing the model package the information is no longer available.

Example of external properties and their values in HoriZZon and their availability in Enterprise Studio

Availability of external properties

The external properties and their values from HoriZZon will not be available in Enterprise Studio until you have closed the model package and reopened it. This is only needed once, after the document definition has been created and property values have been added to HoriZZon.

Refreshing property values

The values of the external properties are not updated automatically in Enterprise Studio. If values have changed in HoriZZon, and you want to retrieve the latest values, select the model package in the model browser and then press Ctrl+F5. The current values from all external properties in the model package will be cleared, and the latest value from HoriZZon will be retrieved the moment you select an object with external properties.

Please take note that when editing a model package offline, the external properties and their values will not be available in Enterprise Studio. The information is retrieved real-time from the Team Server, so connection to the Team Server is required.