In Enterprise Studio you can use worksets. A workset is a temporary set of data (like for example a list of processes) that is generated in response to a performed operation. 

Worksets appear in their tabs in the Worksets pane. This window appears when a workset is generated, for example when the results of a search operation are presented in the Worksets pane.

Results of a search operation in the Worksets window

A workset can be used as a starting point for other actions, for example to start a new search on the objects to refine a search, or to generate a view. The operations can be performed on part of the data or on the entire data set.

To perform an action, first select the desired data in the workset, then right-click the selection and click the operation you want to perform.

Every time a workset is generated, it is added to the Worksets pane. This way the window can have multiple worksets at the same time. Each workset appears as a tab in the window.

The worksets as well as the data within them are not part of the model. Meaning that if you have created a new workset by means of a search, the model has not been changed. Consequently, the results will not be saved when saving the model. Next time Enterprise Studio is started, this search result will not be available anymore.

Locating elements in the workset

If you want to know where an element of the workset is located in the model, double-click the element in the list. Next, the diagram or view the elements is used in opens with the element highlighted. The element is also shown in the model browser.

Refreshing a workset

To refresh the data of a workset, right-click the workset tab and click Refresh workset. Next, the latest data is retrieved.

Removing a workset

To remove a workset from the worksets window, right-click the workset tab and click Delete workset. If you want to remove all present worksets at the same time, click Delete all worksets.

Copying workset data

The contents of the Worksets pane can be used in other external applications like Microsoft Excel®. To do this, select the cells you want to copy, and press Ctrl+C. The data is copied to the Windows clipboard. Paste the data in the external application.