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View filters

View filters are a way to present models in another way, for example by using colors to emphasize certain aspects of the model. They can also very well be used for analyzing your models. Various view filter types are available to generate, like a color view and label view.

Example of a color view

A view filter that is generated over a diagram or view results in a viewpoint that is placed in the Unsaved viewpoints section of the Viewpoints pane. It can be repeatedly clicked to (de)activate it on a diagram or view. You can save the viewpoint in your model because viewpoints are not persistent by default.

Viewpoints pane

View filter types

The following types of view filters can be generated:

 Label view for displaying object properties in labels.

 Tooltip view for displaying object properties in tooltips.

 Color view for displaying object properties in color.

 Compare view for showing whether or not two different properties have the same value or different values. This is a sub-filter of the color view.

 Relation color view (based on relations) for presenting relation information in color for each object with which a relation exists. This is a sub-filter of the color view.

 Relation roles view for showing the role names of relations in a diagram or view in labels.

 Highlight view for emphasizing a selection of elements (objects, relations) in a diagram or view.

Amber models have a few additional view filters for performing basic analyses. These view filters are located in the Generate/Present group on the Amber ribbon tab.

View filter legend

Some view filters include a legend explaining the meaning of the different colors or labels. This legend is included in the diagram or view when the viewpoint is activated. The legend can be moved in the diagram or view by dragging it. The legend only shows colors for the elements that are present in the diagram or view, so each legend may be different per diagram or view. Altering colors is possible by double-clicking them in the legend.

You can activate and deactivate the legend by clicking View Filter Legend on the View ribbon tab.


A viewpoint is a saved or unsaved view filter that is generated over a diagram or view, but can also include search settings of a search operation. The basis of a viewpoint is made when a view filter is generated or a search operation is performed. After being generated, the viewpoint is placed in the Viewpoints pane, in the Unsaved viewpoints section. If you save the viewpoint, it will be moved to the saved viewpoints in the overview.

Viewpoints pane with saved viewpoints

Creating viewpoints using queries

For advanced users

Besides the standard viewpoints, Enterprise Studio also supports creating viewpoints using advanced queries. This is done by using the Query Tool that is available in the tool. Creating queries requires knowledge of scripting. The Query Tool can be opened via Advanced > Query Tool in the ribbon, or by pressing Ctrl+Q. More information about the Query Tool can be found in the Bizzdesign Scripting Reference.

Viewpoints in Horizzon

Viewpoints generated in a shared model package are only available in Enterprise Studio. It is not possible to include them in Horizzon sites based on this model package. For using viewpoints in Horizzon, you can generate them in the views of the site.


Example of a color view in Enterprise Studio (left) and the same color view generated in Horizzon (right)