Horizzon offers the possibility to view details of your Bizzdesign software license. The license page shows the current situation with respect to the license and numbers about the total use of seats (users) in the tool license, including how many are used and a possible shortage of seats. It also shows whether you have the Open API license. The license page is also the location for activating your software license.

The user page shows the license seat that is currently taken by an individual user.

On this page:

Viewing the software license information

Required roles

Administrator or System Administrator

  • In the sidebar menu, click Settings > License. The license settings page is shown. The image below shows the page visible to a System Administrator. The Manage section for adding license keys and other settings in the sidebar are not visible to an Administrator user.

    For more information about a setting, click the  next to a box.

    If you are working with a hosted Horizzon, or have an Enterprise license agreement for your on-premise Horizzon, the license settings page only shows the amount of license seats taken, not the license seat limits. Your license seat information will look similar to the following:

Viewing the license seat taken by an individual user

Required roles

Designer or Lead Designer

Depending on the roles directly and indirectly (via groups) assigned to the user, a user can take a Consume, Contribute, or Design seat, or no seat at all (None). The seat a user is currently taken can be viewed on the user page.

  • In the sidebar menu, click Users, and then click the profile icon of the user whose license information you want to view. On the user page, next to License, the currently taken seat is shown.

Exceeded software license

Not applicable to hosted Horizzon and on-premise Horizzon with Enterprise license agreement.

If the maximum number of seats (users) of your license is exceeded, it will be visible on the license page. Seats that are exceeded are shown in red. Also, a grace period will be shown on the page, indicating the number of days left before Horizzon will be shut down if the license shortage is not resolved. Additionally, a message will appear at the top of all Horizzon pages, which is visible to Administrator and System Administrator users.

Exceeding the software license may happen when assigning roles to users while the associated seats in the license do not cover them, meaning that there are not enough seats available for the assigned roles. It can also happen when users change their own role.

The seat shortage can be fixed by reassigning the seats or by extending the software license with additional seats.

Example of exceeding the software license