To open the Activity Console to view the activities that have been performed when tracking model packages or collaborating on them, click the Activity Console icon  in the message area (system tray) of your task bar. Next, the window appears showing messages regarding activities.

The Activity Console window

The most recent activity is always located at the top. Your own activities are displayed on the right of the window. Activities from the other users are displayed on the left.

A message shows the type of activity, the model package the activity relates to, and the moment the activity is performed, possibly supplemented with remarks.

The performer of the activity is indicated by the colored block with the user's initials that is presented next to the activity. When moving the mouse pointer over the block, you see the name and e-mail address of the user. When moving over the activity, you see the complete description of the activity.


If an activity, for example a contribution or an invitation, is not visible yet in the Activity Console, synchronize the Activity Console to retrieve the latest information. After synchronizing, a contribution will be available to include in your local copy, and the model package or project that has been shared with you is available in Enterprise Studio to contribute to.