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The customizations you create, are shown in the Profile Definition view in "definition mode", meaning that you see the internal names (identifiers) of the elements; names with underscores or "CamelCase" names (spaces are not allowed in internal names).

To see how your customizations will look in end-user models, you can put the view with the customizations in "translation mode". In this mode, the elements do not show their internal names, but their more user-friendly translated names. In translation mode, they can also be edited in place.

The translations shown are for the current model language. Switch to another model language if you want to see and/or edit the translations for another language.

The translation mode will only make a difference if you have set translations for your elements, otherwise, you will keep seeing the internal names. The translations can be set in the profile, attribute and data type properties.

Example of a Profile Definition view in definition mode

The same view in translation mode

Viewing elements in translation mode

To view the elements in translation mode, do as follows:

  • In the Profile Definition view, click  to open the canvas menu, and then click translation mode.

A view in translation mode can be recognized by the text "translation mode" in the upper left corner of the view.

Returning to definition mode

To put the view back in definition mode, click definition mode.