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Viewpoints that are present in a model, may be included in an RTF report that makes use of this model. This can be done in several ways. 

Unsaved viewpoints

If viewpoints are available in a model, but not stored in it, they will be included in the report if they are active at the time of reporting. The diagrams and/or views that are included in the report and on which a viewpoint is executed, are displayed with the viewpoint in the report. If a viewpoint is not active, it will not be included.

Saved viewpoints

If viewpoints are saved in a model, you can choose to include them in the report. They will then be included in a separate chapter in the report (this does not happen on unsaved viewpoints). This chapter also displays the diagrams and/or views on which the viewpoints have been executed.

The viewpoints you want to include in the report can be specified when creating the report.