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The information on this page applies to working on a default workflow request. The process of a custom workflow and the associated response options may differ in case of a custom workflow.

Required roles

Contributor, Designer, or Lead Designer

On this page:

Availability of tasks

The tasks of workflow requests that are available for you to pick up and work on, are shown in the Group tasks section of the tasks and requests page. A task is only visible to you if:

  • The site the workflow request is created in has been shared with you.
  • You have been invited to the model package or project this site is based on.

Picking up a task

You can pick up any workflow task that is located in the Group tasks section, and start working on it. Just assign the task to yourself. After that, the task opens, and you can view the subject of the request. You will also be informed via mail about the new task. The task will also move from the Group tasks section to the My tasks section of your Tasks page. You can now start working on the task.

The tasks that are available to you to perform are tasks relating to model packages you have been invited to. You do not need to have access to the site the request is created in in order to be able to perform the task. However, in order to be able to see what the task is about (the view or element for example), you need to have access to the site.

Assigning a task to yourself

Submitting your response

When you are done performing the task, or want to reject the request, select the appropriate answer in Response, and click Submit. Take note that the response options in a custom workflow request may differ from the options in the default workflow decribed below.

Submit the task response

Task completion

Once you have completed the request, the response info will be added to the Comments section at the bottom of the task page. The user who created the request can see the completion on the tasks and requests page of the workflow, and also when viewing the task details on the task page. The task will be removed from the My tasks section on the tasks and requests page.

Info about a completed task in the Tasks page

Task rejection

In case of rejection of a task, the response info will also be added to the Comments section, and the task will be returned to the user who created the request. You can see this info on the tasks and requests page of the workflow and in the task details.

Processing a request rejection

If you are the user who has created the request, and the request has been rejected, it is automatically assigned to you again. The task to revise the request is shown in the My tasks section on the tasks and requests page. You will also be informed about receving the task via e-mail.

You can either decide to withdraw the request or to reassign it. To do this, open the request, select the appropriate response and submit it. In case of withdrawal, the request is marked as completed in the My requests section of the tasks and requests page.In case of reassignment, the request is moved to the Group tasks section again and available to be picked up and performed by a user. The reassignment info is also added to the Comments section of the task page.

Submit the task response

Adding comments

If you want to add a comment to the task, type it in the Comments section down the task page, and click Add comment. The comment will be added at the bottom of the page, and will be visible to anyone who can view the task details.

Adding a comment to a task

Workflow notifications

When you are working on tasks, you will be informed about any pending tasks via e-mail, but also in HoriZZon. Notifications are shown in the toolbar. Clicking the noticifaction icon will show an entry to your open tasks. Click it to go to the Workflows page.

Pending task notifications

On the Workflows page you can see for which workflows there is a pending task.

Tasks notification on the Workflows page