If data maintenance has been set up for data blocks, data tasks will be generated and added to the My tasks page. The tasks need to be performed by Contributor users who are the allowed editors for these tasks.

Required roles


On this page:


Task notifications on elements

Once tasks are available that you need to work on, the elements with a task will be shown in the Contribute - Objects overview of your Horizzon homepage. The overview shows all elements with data blocks for which you have editing permissions. If there is an open task, it will be shown on the element: .

Task notification in toolbar

You will also be notified about tasks via the notification icon in the upper right corner of the Horizzon portal window. By clicking the icon, and then selecting My tasks you can access the My tasks page.

Weekly task summary e-mail

If you have any open data tasks awaiting, a weekly task summary e-mail will be sent to you on Monday. The e-mail shows at the most three open tasks, if there are more, it will be indicated. Clicking "My tasks" in the e-mail will directly send to your tasks page in Horizzon.

If you do not wish to receive the weekly task summary e-mail, you can disable receiving the e-mails, either by clicking "Unsubscribe" in the e-mail or by directly going to your Manage profile page in Horizzon. Clear the check box next to Weekly tasks summary and save the changes. You can enable receiving the e-mails anytime by selecting the check box again.

The My tasks page

The My tasks page shows all current tasks for updating data block values that you are allowed to perform. Each task represents an action to update the values of a data block. The title of the task shows the data block name, below it is the name of the element the data block belongs to.

The available tasks may be specifically for you, but can also be available to a group of editors, including you. If you click on Done, you can view all completed tasks. You can sort the tasks by the creation date, data block name or process name. You can also search through the data tasks.

Working on a data task

Simply by clicking a task on the page you can pick up the task and start working on it. Clicking the task will lead you directly to the Data tab of the Contribute page in the model in which the element with the data block is located. There you can start editing the data block.

After you have updated the data values of a data block, click Complete task and in the appearing message window click Complete to confirm. The task is now completed. On the My tasks page, the completed task has moved to the Done tasks overview.