If you contribute to Horizzon model content you can be assigned modeling tasks to refine ArchiMate® objects into BPMN™ processes by modeling BPMN diagrams in Horizzon. These tasks will be shown on your tasks overview page, but also on your Horizzon homepage.

Required roles


On this page:

Task notifications


Once modeling tasks are available that you can work on, the objects with a task will be shown in the Design - Objects overview of your Horizzon homepage. The overview shows all objects with for which you have modeling permissions. If there is a task attached to the object, it will be shown on the object: . Alternatively, you can access the objects via Design - Models on the homepage. Clicking a model will show the objects in it for which you have modeling permissions.



You will be notified about tasks via the notification icon in the upper right corner of the Horizzon portal window. By clicking the icon, and then selecting My tasks you can access your tasks overview page.

Weekly tasks summary e-mail

If you have any open modeling tasks awaiting, a weekly tasks summary e-mail will be sent to you on Monday (if activated). The e-mail shows at the most three open tasks, if you have any more open tasks, it will be indicated. Clicking the My tasks link or See all tasks in the e-mail will directly send to your tasks overview page in Horizzon.

Depending on your user roles, the e-mail can also include data tasks.

My tasks page

The My tasks page shows all tasks you can work on, that are in progress or completed. Each modeling task represents an action to create or update a BPMN diagram for an object. The available tasks may be assigned specifically to you, but can also be available to a group of users, including you. You can sort the tasks and search through them.

Clicking an open task will send you to the model page containing the object with the task. There you can claim the task and start working on it.

Depending on your user roles, your tasks overview may also show data tasks.

Working on a modeling task

The model Design page contains the objects for which you can model BPMN diagrams. 

Claiming a task

By selecting an object and then clicking Claim task you can pick up the task and start modeling the diagram. If a modeling task is assigned to multiple users, any of the users can pick up the task, but only one user at a time can do this and work on the diagram. Once claimed by a user, the task is no longer available to other users.

Objects without a task

The Design page can also include objects without a task. Instead of claiming a task, you can select an object and start working on its diagram, provided that it is not already claimed by another user. If so, it will show at the bottom of the diagram. The moment you start modeling, a task will automatically be assigned to the object.

Modeling the BPMN process

Once you have claimed the task, a page holding a modeling canvas is shown in which you can model the process. Concepts for modeling BPMN Process and Collaboration diagrams are available on the canvas. For more information, please refer to Modeling a BPMN process in Horizzon.

Editing data blocks

If data blocks are available on objects in the diagram, they can be edited via the object's Properties panel. To access the data blocks, select the object in the diagram and click Show details on the right side of the modeling canvas. For more information, please refer to Editing data blocks in Horizzon.

Closing the diagram, resume modeling, undo changes

When you are done modeling, but not ready to publish the diagram, close the diagram . Your changes are automatically saved and an image of the diagram is shown on the Design page. Other users that are assigned process modelers for the object can also see the diagram so far, but they cannot (yet) work on it. The task (and diagram) is still claimed by you. You can continue modeling by clicking Resume modeling.

If one or more data blocks on objects in the BPMN diagram have been updated in the meantime, you will be informed about this. The resume button will show an information icon. Moving your mouse pointer over it will show which data blocks have an updated version. When you resume modeling, the data blocks will be automatically updated so that you have the latest version available.

Undoing changes to a diagram after you have closed it can be done by clicking Undo Changes on the Design page. If the diagram has not been published yet, all work will be undone and the diagram will be empty again. If the diagram has been published before, all unpublished changes will be undone and the diagram will return to its last published state.

Publishing the diagram

When you have finished modeling and want to make the diagram available to other (contributing) users, publish the diagram after closing it. Click Publish diagram on the Design page to do this. The diagram becomes visible to all users with access to the object. The diagram can now be viewed and shared by other users.

After you have published the diagram, the modeling task is completed. On the My tasks page, the completed task has moved to the tasks that are Completed.

Updating a published diagram

When a diagram is published it is also available to other assigned process modelers to continue editing on the diagram. They can claim it by clicking Update diagram on the Design page. You can also claim it yourself again if you want to update the diagram. The published version of the diagram remains available to the Horizzon users until a new version is published.

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