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If a relation has a graphical representation (see hasGraphic), the graphical shape of its end points (for example an "arrow head") can be retrieved with the fromShape and toShape methods:

<result> = <relation>.fromShape()

<result> = <relation>.toShape()


A value of the type Object or an expression evaluating to a value of that type. This object must be a relation reference (on a view).


A String, containing the name of the graphical shape of the relation's end point (either at the "from" or the "to" side).

By using resetFromShape and resetToShape you can reset the values to their default value.

By using fromShapeIsSet and toShapeIsSet you can find out whether the value returned by these methods is a value that has been set explicitly with setFromShape/setToShape that has not been restored to the default with a call to resetFromShape or resetToShape respectively.