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The profileReferrals and taggedValueReferrals methods return all objects that refer to the subject (the object on which the method was invoked) via one of their profile attribute values or tagged values. It allows a script to quickly determine which other objects make mention of this object in their property values, without the need to traverse all objects in the model package, retrieve their attribute values, and inspect these for the presence of the subject.

<result> = <object>.profileReferrals( [<attribute>] )

<result> = <object>.taggedValueReferrals( [<tag>] )


A value of type Object or an expression evaluating to a value of type Object not being a Relation.

<attribute>, <tag>

A value of type string or an expression evaluating to this type: the name of the attribute or tagged value. This argument is optional: when omitted, the method will return results for all attributes/tags.


In case <attribute>/<tag> is specified, a list containing elements of type Object: the objects referring to <object> via an attribute/tag with the specified name.

In case <attribute>/<tag> is omitted, an index with attribute/tag names as keys (strings), and a set containing elements of type Object as the associated values.