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This table is only available for Amber models.

Item relations indicate which actions use which items. The item relation describes whether an item is created (C), read (R), updated (U) or deleted (D). These so-called CRUD relations are often represented in a matrix: the CRUD matrix. The CRUD matrix in Enterprise Studio can be viewed and modified.

Opening the CRUD matrix

  1. In the model browser, select the model of which you want to view the item relations.

  2. On the Amber tab, in the Edit group, click CRUD Matrix.

A matrix is generated showing the item relations that are present in the active diagram.

Example of a CRUD matrix

By default, the scope of the table is set to active diagram. If desired you can set the scope to current selection. For more information, see Defining the selection of a table.

Editing the CRUD matrix

In this matrix you can edit the type of item relation using the keyboard by typing a C, R, U and/or D in a table cell. The corresponding arrow in the process or actor diagram is also automatically modified. The matrix can also be printed or copied to any other (Office) application.

You can only edit existing item relations in the CRUD matrix. Adding new relations is not possible; they need to be drawn in the diagram first.