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When working together on a model package, different users contribute to a shared model package that is stored on HoriZZonHorizzon. Each participating user is working on a local copy of the shared model package. Data is exchanged between the users via synchronization by the Activity Console.

Required roles

Designer or Lead Designer

Storage of the model package

To be able to share a model package with others and work on it together, the model package first needs to be saved on HoriZZonHorizzon.

Sharing the model package

Once the model package has been stored on HoriZZonHorizzon, people can be invited to work together on the model package. Upon sharing edit permissions can be assigned to determine which parts of the model package the invited users will be able to edit for contributing.

Depending on whether having registered with HoriZZon Horizzon or not, the invited users will receive an e-mail invitation, or will be informed via the Activity Console.

Work on the model package

Editing the model package

When working on a shared model package, you have a local copy of the model package on your computer. You can edit this copy in the way you are used to. However, there may be some limitations in editing while working on the model package.

Committing changes

To keep track of the changes you have made to your model package, and to make the changes available to the other contributing users, you need to commit your changes. All changes made to your local copy will be registered in the model package's timeline.

Updating the model package

To include other users' contributions in your local copy of the model package, you need to update your model package. The included contributions will be shown in your model package's timeline.

Undo changes, restore model package

Changes made to your local copy of the model package can be undone as long as you have not yet committed them. To revert changes that you have already committed, the model package can be restored to a previous state. You may also choose to only view a previous state of the model package.

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