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In Enterprise Studio you can share a model package with other people and control their access to it by inviting them. You can share model packages you are contributing to yourself, and give edit permissions for models and folders in this model package that you can edit yourself. 

You can invite any person you like, but you may be limited to only invite existing users and user groups with the (Lead) Designer role.


  1. Make sure the shared model package you want to invite people to work on is open.

  2. On the File tab, click Manage Package, and then click Share.

  3. By default, the complete model package is selected for sharing. If you only want to share part of the package, first clear the box next to the model package, and then select the items in the model package for which you want to give edit permissions by clicking the boxes next to these items.


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  4. Under Invite people for, enter the e-mail address(es) of the person(s) you would like to invite. If you invite an existing user or a user group, you can also type their name. If you add multiple e-mail addresses or names, additional fields will be added automatically.

  5. Click Invite to send the invitation.

Invitation notification

Invited people that are not yet registered in the Team Server, will receive an e-mail message with an invitation to register. After registration, they can start contributing to the model package.

Invited people that are already registered in the Team Server where the model package is located, do not receive an e-mail message. Instead, they are informed about the invitation via their Activity Console. They can directly start contributing to the model package after opening it.


Use the link below the Invite button to see which people have already been invited. When clicking the link, the Team Server is opened in your web browser showing the model package with its projects and participants.

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