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In order to make the changes you have made to a model package or project available for tracking progress or sharing with other users, you need to commit them.


  1. On the File tab, click Commit, or click Image Modified at the top of the model browser. The overview that pops up shows the changes you are going to commit.

  2. In Remarks, add any additional remarks regarding your contribution and click Commit.

Temporarily keeping changes to yourself

If you do not immediately want to make the changes available for tracking progress or for sharing with other users, but you do want to retain your data, save your model package or project by clicking Save on the File tab. Your changes are saved locally in your working copy of the model package or project.

If you at any time want to make the changes available for tracking or sharing, commit the changes. All changes that have been saved locally until then, will be available after all.


If you close Enterprise Studio without committing or locally saving the changes you have made, a window appears asking you if you still want to save the changes. Answering the question with "Yes" will save the changes locally (not commit them!). The next time you start Enterprise Studio, you can simply reopen the model package.

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