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Viewing all possible columns of a ServiceNow table can be useful when defining a ServiceNow connection. By retrieving the columns of a table you can see which data you can use in the mapping table you are creating. To get an overview of all columns that are available in a ServiceNow table, do as follows


To be able to view the columns of a ServiceNow table you need to have read access to at least the ServiceNow tables sys_db_object, sys_dictionary, and sys_glide, and in addition to that to the table of which you want to view the columns, including referenced tables.


  1. In the mapping diagram, select a mapping table, and then click .

  2. If you have not previously activated the option to remember your credentials since opening the model package, a window appears first, asking for your credentials for ServiceNow. Enter your credentials and click OK.


    If you want Enterprise Studio to remember your credentials the next time, select the Remember my credentials check box.