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This functionality does only apply to ArchiMate®, ERD, and UML® models.

Sometimes a diagram or view can contain relations that are not shown in this diagram or view. In order to find out which relations they are possible or to make them visible in the active diagram or view, select you can use the Show relations function.


  1. Open the diagram or view
in the model browser, or click in the open diagram or view, and do as follows: 
  1. for which you want to make relations visible. In the figure below you can see that only 2 of the 4 relations are visible in the view.

    Image Added

  2. On the View tab, in the Analysis group, click Show Relations.

Next, an overview is presented showing all relations in the model that can be shown in the active diagram or view. With this, a distinction is made between relations already shown and relations not shown (yet). You can add the latter to the diagram or view by selecting the relations of interest and clicking Add to view.

Image RemovedOverview of relations
  1. By default, the Show Relations window shows the relations that are present in the view but not shown.

    Image Added

    If you select the option Already shown relations, the relations that are already visible in the diagram or view are also shown in the list. That way you have a total view of all relations, visible and invisible, in the diagram or view.

  2. Select the relations in the list that you want to add to the diagram or view and click Add to view.

Now the diagram or view shows the relations that you have selected.

Image Added

All relations shown in the view

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