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Data maintenance enables you to configure data update schedules for data blocks. A data update schedule describes how often editors (Contributor users) should be prompted to update a certain data block. Currently, update schedules can be set at the data block level. When a data update schedule is defined, data tasks will be generated at the appropriate times and added to The Data tasks page. The tasks represent an action for the editors of a data block to update the data block values. Following the editors specified in the data policy of the data block, the tasks will be shown to the appropriate users.

Data tasks overview page

headerRequired roles

Lead Designer

Adding a data update schedule

Perform the procedure below for each data block you want to add a data update schedule to.

  1. In the sidebar menu, click Packages, and then click the model package in which you want to set up data maintenance.

  2. On the model package page, in the sidebar menu, click Policies. The Data policies page appears.

  3. In the model tree, navigate to the element to which you want add data update schedules, and select it. The element's data policies appear on the right.

  4. Under Data policies per data block, next to the name of the data block you want to add a data update schedule to, click .

  5. In Start date, set the date on which the update schedule needs to start. That is the first date on which a data task will be generated for performing maintenance on the data block.

  6. In Repeat, specify the frequency for updating. Available options are: Never (one-time updating, default value), Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, and Yearly.

  7. Click  to save the changes. You now have set up a data update schedule for the data block:

When you are done adding update schedules, the first data tasks will be generated at the specified dates and added to the Data tasks page. From there, editors can start working on the tasks. If a repetition has been specified, follow-up tasks will be generated and added according to the update schedule. 

Clearing a data update schedule

If you are going to clear the data update schedule of a data block, all associated current data tasks will also be cleared.

  1. Next to the name of the data block of which you want to clear the schedule, click .

  2. Below the data update schedule, click Clear schedule and then click  to save the changes.

  3. In the message window that appears, click Clear to confirm the clearing of the schedule.

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