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This topic only applies to Enterprise Studio Online, the hosted solution. 

Some functions in Enterprise Studio Online use the Microsoft® application Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Enterprise Studio Online supports the use of Microsoft Office to enable these applications.

By default, Microsoft Office is not activated. Import and export with a BiZZdesign Connect Excel connection is automatically done using an ADOdb connection. Reporting ArchiMate®, BPMN™ or Amber models to Word, Excel or PowerPoint is not possible, if you would try to, a message similar to the one below will appear: 

If you want to use Excel for your BiZZdesign Connect Excel connections, or be able to report your models to Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you need to activate the use of Microsoft Office in Enterprise Studio Online, and sign in to Office 365.

To be able to activate Microsoft Office, a Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise (formerly Enterprise/Business Office 365 Pro Plus) license is required due to the Shared computer activation feature that is enabled in Enterprise Studio Online. This means that only Work and School accounts can be used to activate Microsoft Office - activation via personal accounts is not supported due to Microsoft licensing restrictions.

The activation of Microsoft Office only remains for the duration of a session. Once you have ended your session, and later start a new session, you will need to sign in to Office 365 again to activate the use of Microsoft Office.

Activating the use of Microsoft Office

  1. On the File tab, click Options, and then click the Advanced tab.

  2. At the bottom of the tab, select Use Microsoft Office, click OK to save the changes, and close the window.

  3. Now, depending on the operation you want to perform, continue as follows:

    Excel import or export:
    Start the import or export operation in the Excel connection.

    A message may appear saying that the import/export starts. Please ignore this message and close the window. No import/export is performed yet.

    Word, Excel or PowerPoint report:
    On the Report ribbon tab, in the Report group, click Word, Excel or PowerPoint to start the report.

  4. The following message appears:

    Click OK. A Word document containing the following text opens, and on top of it, the sign-in window for Microsoft Office appears.

    Also, when performing an Excel import or export operation, a message may appear saying that Excel cannot be started, and a dialog appears saying that the import from or export to Excel has finished. Please ignore these messages and close them. No import of export has been performed yet.

  5. Sign in to Office 365, and after that close the Word document without saving.

  6. Perform the import, export or report operation again.

ArchiMate® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.