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If you wish to revert a model package or project to the way it looked at an earlier point in time, you can restore the model package or project to its state at that time. When restoring, a new contribution will be made in which all changes made in the contributions since the chosen point in time will be reverted. For example, deleted objects are re-created, changed object names are restored to their value at the selected point in time, etc.  Before deciding to restore to a previous state, you can first view the state by clicking View in the timeline.

Required roles

Designer or Lead Designer


  1. On the File tab, click Timeline, and then click View Timeline.

  2. In the timeline, click Restore below the point in time (contribution) you want to return to.

All contributions to the model package or project that were made after the selected point in time are now reverted. When it is finished, the model browser displays the model package or project in the state to which you have restored it.

Restore limitations

If a model package has been migrated to a new configuration at some point in time, it can only be restored to the contribution containing the last configuration migration, or to a newer contribution.

The model package cannot be restored to a point in time before the last configuration migration. It would cause objects to be re-created, and property values to be restored, based on an old configuration. Depending on the changes made to the configuration, this may result in invalid or incomplete objects.

Restoring possible to last migration