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If a user is contributing to a model package or project, the parts of that package or project the user is working on, are automatically claimed. Other contributing users cannot, or have limited options to edit these parts. These claims remain active until the user's contributions have been synchronized with the Team Server. If a user is editing a model offline, the model stays blocked until the user's contributions have been synchronized with the Team Server.

Claims may need to be removed, for example when a user's contributions remain blocked for some reason. This blockage on a model package can be removed by removing the user's claims in the Team Server. Take note that when a user's claims are removed, all work of the user that has not yet been synchronized with the Team Server will get lost.

Removing claims on a project is not possible because it would change history. The alternative way to release the claims of a project without applying them to the master model package, is either deleting the entire project, or restoring it to a previous version and then applying the changes to the master model package.

Required roles

Designer: Remove your own claims on a model package.

Administrator or System Administrator: Remove claims on a model package of any user.


  1. In the sidebar menu, click Users, and then click the user whose claims you want to remove.

  2. In Package and project invitations, click  next to the model package for which you want to remove claims.

  3. In the appearing message window, click Remove to confirm.