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The attrs method returns a list with attribute definition values, containing one value for each profile attribute that is defined for the object:

<result> = <object>.attrs( [<profile>] [,][<lang>] )

<result> = <object>.attrsRef( [<profile>] [,][<lang>] )


A value of type Object or an expression that evaluates to a value of that type


(Optionally) A ProfileDefinition: the profile in which the attributes to be returned will be defined in


(Optionally) A string: The language of the values of the attribute to retrieve. When not given the values are in the current language.


A list with elements of the type Pair; the first part contains a value of type ProfileAttribute (the definition of the attribute), the second part contains a value of any type (the attribute value on <object>).

If you specify a profile definition value as parameter, only attributes are returned that are defined within that profile. If no parameter is passed, all attributes are searched and returned.