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For each graphical property for which there is a reset"Property" method, there is also a "property"IsSet method to check if the property is explicitly set. The "property"IsSet method returns true for an object if the property was set before (manually or through a call to set"Property") and this has not yet been restored to the default (by using the manual reset command or with a call to reset"Property").

If the property was not explicitly set, the "propery"IsSet method returns false.

The following "property"IsSet methods are available:

<result> = <object>.lineTransparencyIsSet()

<result> = <object>.fillTransparencyIsSet()

<result> = <object>.textTransparencyIsSet()

<result> = <object>.fontIsSet()

<result> = <object>.fontBoldIsSet()

<result> = <object>.fontItalicIsSet()

<result> = <object>.fontUnderlineIsSet()

<result> = <object>.fontSizeIsSet()

<result> = <object>.foregroundColorIsSet()

<result> = <object>.backgroundColorIsSet()

<result> = <object>.fontColorIsSet()

<result> = <object>.fromPointIsSet()

<result> = <object>.toPointIsSet()

<result> = <object>.iconVisibilityIsSet()

<result> = <object>.labelDirectionIsSet()

<result> = <object>.labelOffsetIsSet()

<result> = <object>.labelPositionIsSet()

<result> = <object>.labelAlignmentIsSet()

<result> = <object>.lineStyleIsSet()

<result> = <object>.lineWidthIsSet()

<result> = <object>.shapeIsSet()

<result> = <relation>.fromShapeIsSet()

<result> = <relation>.toShapeIsSet()

<result> = <relation>.fromLineSegmentIsSet()

<result> = <relation>.toLineSegmentIsSet()

<result> = <relation>.fromLineSegmentPercentageIsSet()

<result> = <relation>.toLineSegmentPercentageIsSet()


A value of the type Object or an expression evaluating to a value of that type.


A Boolean: true if the property is set to a non-default value, false otherwise.

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