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On the Tables tab of the Generate Report window you have the opportunity to exclude the empty columns and rows from the tables that you include in the RTF report. You can choose to:

  • Only include the columns that belong to a model element with a name (arrows without conditions for example will not be reported separately).
  • Include or exclude a column with the model element type (action, interaction, sub-process etc.).

Table settings for reporting models

Include serial numbers: For Amber models you can also indicate whether the model elements must be numbered by selecting Include serial numbers. Enterprise Studio will then automatically number all model elements, which will be printed with each name in the report. When you combine this with a visualization of the numbering in Enterprise Studio (with a label view) you can easily find the information back in the report.

Viewpoints to report with each diagram: Select the Property table viewpoints that you want to include with every diagram of the model. The report will show the viewpoint's tables on diagram level containing only the objects which are below the diagram's main object in the tree structure of the model.

Property table viewpoints are stored including scripts. Therefore they can be edited with the Query tool if desired. However, the moment you start editing a Property table viewpoint, it will turn into a regular, non-editable viewpoint.