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Team Server is now called HoriZZon Server. While the new name is being implemented in the software and on the Support pages, the old name may still be visible in places until the process is completed. See also Team Server is now HoriZZon Server.


Enterprise Studio, HoriZZon Server, and HoriZZon are hosted in the cloud and managed by BiZZdesign. 

The software has a BiZZdesign URL starting with https:// and ending in (HoriZZon Server+HoriZZon+Enterprise Studio Online) or (HoriZZon Server+Enterprise Studio), meaning that you are running the software online via a web browser. For example:


In the hybrid solution, HoriZZon Server and HoriZZon are hosted in the cloud and managed by BiZZdesign, while Enterprise Studio runs locally on your users' desktops. Depending on your configuration, the server and portal have a BiZZdesign URL starting with https:// and ending in (HoriZZon Server+HoriZZon) or (HoriZZon Server only), meaning that you are running them online via a web browser. For example:


In the on-premise solution, all BiZZdesign software components are hosted on your infrastructure and managed by you. You are running Enterprise Studio via a shortcut on your device, and the HoriZZon Server and HoriZZon have a local URL, for example: