Searching for information on a site can be done by entering a search term. To narrow down your search you can use search selectors and filter the search results.

On this page:


  1. In the HoriZZon toolbar, click .

  2. In the search box, type the search term and press Enter.

The results of the search are presented in a list, ordered by relevance. The page shows maximum 10 results at the time. To see more, browse to the other pages by clicking the controls at the bottom of the page.

By clicking a search result, you can browse to either a view page or object page.

Using search selectors

You can use the following search selectors in your search: 


Search for all terms present in the search box.


Exclude this term from the search.

" " or AND

Search for the exact phrase, not each word separately.


Extend the search term with a single unknown character. The term an? will yield results for both and and any.


Extend the search term with any combination of unknown characters. The term an* will yield results for and, any but also analysis.

Filtering the search results

You can filter your search results by including or excluding information types. By default, diagrams, and views, objects and relations are searched. To exclude one or more of them, clear the check box(es) below the search box.

You can also filter your search results on when a component was last modified by clicking the selection box on the right side in the search box.

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