Model data can be exported from Enterprise Studio to an SQL database using an SQL connection.

To be able to export data to an SQL database the following requirements apply:

  • A primary key must have been defined for the database tables. The tables need a column for identification.
  • You have read and write access to at least the following database tables, depending on the database type you are working with:
    • IBM DB2: syscat_tables and syscat.columns (only tested for Windows, Linux is unknown)
    • SQL Server or MySQL: information_schema.tables and information_schema.columns
  • You have read and write access to the database tables you want to export to, including referenced tables. 

To export model data from Enterprise Studio to one or more SQL database tables using an SQL connection, click the  control on the connection. 

Before data is exported, the connection is validated first, unless validation has been deactivated in the settings of the connection. In case errors are found you are notified. You can ignore these, but you are advised to resolve the errors first. If you want to continue the export without resolving the errors, it may result in an incomplete data export or no export at all.

The mappings are executed in the specified order.

After the export has finished, the Export to SQL window appears showing a summary of the export in a table. It is similar to the summary of a ServiceNow export.