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Latest release information

Latest release notes

Release notes archives

Starting and closing Enterprise Studio

Starting and ending an Enterprise Studio Online session

Creating a model package

Saving a model package

Data storage in Enterprise Studio Online

Printing a model

Reporting a model

Tour of the Enterprise Studio workspace

Enterprise Studio ribbon commands

Working with diagrams and views

Creating objects and relations

Handling and editing objects

Handling and editing relations

Documentation and references in models

Searching in Enterprise Studio

Comparing models or model packages

Profiles and properties

Using worksets

Data exchange between Enterprise Studio Online and your local device

Use of Microsoft Office in Enterprise Studio Online

ArchiMate modeling

Metrics in Enterprise Studio

The Coach view

Enterprise Portfolio Management

Strategy and business modeling

Time modeling and analysis

Enterprise Risk and Security Management

Amber modeling

BMC modeling

BPMN modeling

DMN modeling

ERD modeling

UML modeling

About Team Platform

Creating, opening and saving shared model packages and projects

Sharing and working on model packages and projects

About the Activity Console

Viewing the Activity Console

Frequently asked questions about Team Platform

Data integration with Excel

Data integration with ServiceNow

Data integration with SQL

Import and export of ArchiMate model data

Import and export of BPMN model data

Import and export of Amber model data

Data integration with Technopedia

The Navigator

View filters and viewpoints

Deriving relations

Derived relations

Working with charts

ArchiMate model analyses

BPMN model analyses

Basic analyses for Amber models

Performing stress tests on a Business Model Canvas

Advanced modeling in Enterprise Studio

Processing tool configuration changes in model packages

The Metamodeler

Metric script functions

Using scripts in Enterprise Studio

Examples of using scripts in Enterprise Studio

Working with the Query tool

BiZZdesign scripting language

Reporting models to RTF

Generating a report in Word, Excel or PowerPoint 

Reporting models to InSite Lite

Printing models

Creating a poster of a diagram or view

Generating reports and posters in Enterprise Studio Online

Tables in Enterprise Studio

Enterprise Studio options

Enterprise Studio Online settings

Enterprise Studio tool language

Setting up the structure of your model package

Model package inspection

Team Platform troubleshooting

Team Server error and warning messages

Activity Console error and warning messages

Enterprise Analytics troubleshooting

Metamodeler troubleshooting

Tips and tricks for BPMN modeling

Tips and tricks for EPM modeling

Tips and tricks for working with charts

Tips and tricks for metamodel modeling

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