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Latest release information

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Release notes archives

Signing in to BiZZdesign applications

Creating and sharing a site

Navigating a site

Searching through a site

Changing language in HoriZZon and the Team Server

Deleting a site

Setting views and properties in sites as favorite

Working with viewpoints in a site

Inspecting views, objects, and relations in a site

Exploring relations in a site

Adding and sharing dashboards in HoriZZon

Registering with the Team Server

Changing your Team Server password

Setting up 2-step verification for signing in to the Team Server

Managing team users and groups, model packages and projects

Workflow-driven collaboration in HoriZZon

Starting a workflow request

Working on a workflow task

Viewing your workflow tasks and requests

Managing a workflow

Creating a custom workflow

Online editing in HoriZZon

Editing self-defined information in a HoriZZon site

Creating a document definition

Possible statuses of a document definition

Downloading a document definition from the document store

Removing a document definition

Team Server error and warning messages

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